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The documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH is looking for a

Diploma librarian or Bachelor Library and Information Management

Application deadline: September 30, 2020

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"about: documenta"

A survey exhibition on the history of the documenta in the Neue Galerie, Kassel.

How much Bauhaus is in documenta? Seeking traces



The first Virtual Exhibition created by the documenta archiv explores the question in which way Bauhaus concepts have inscribed themselves in the documenta idea.


Invitation for a Earth Forum

The University of the Trees Lab Kassel invites to an earth forum on Thursday 03rd of September 2020 from 4 till 7 o'clock p.m., meeting point Dock 4 (after advance notification). The 'social' sculpture Earth Forum is a module of the University of Trees, initiated by Shelley Sacks (collaborator of Joseph Beuys and founder of the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Brooks University in Oxford). An Earth Forum lasts about 3 hours and up to 12 people can participate. Usually it takes place outdoors at different locations.

KW 36 - Kassels Week of the Museums: A Special Event in a Special Year

From September 1st to 6th, 45 cultural institutions open their doors with joint day tickets. The documenta archiv is participating from September 2nd to 6th, too.

Press Invitation: Prof. Dr. Heinz Bude appointed Founding Director of the documenta Institute

The documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH cordially invites the press to an introduction to Prof. Dr. Heinz Bude.

For all interested in the event will be broadcast live on the documenta Institute’s YouTube channel and on the website www.documenta.de: www.documenta.de/en/news# (in German).

Dr. Birgitta Coers, who takes up the post of Director of the documenta archiv on October 1, will also be present.

Day of the Archives 2020

On the occasion of the nationwide "Day of Archives", the working group "Archives in North Hesse" will be present with a stand in the Kasseler Markthalle on March 7, 2020 from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

From the documenta archiv
#12 Cultures of showing: documenta as a venue for ecological debates. Lecture by Anne-Kathrin Winkler-Hanns

Polluted water or dirty air, nuclear danger or dying forests, factory farming, climate change or the anthropocene.

documenta Institute Discourse
#12 corpus mechanicum, corpus mysticum. Approach tactics of contemporary art archives. Lecture by Mela Dávila Freire

In the complex cultural system that we call contemporary art, archives have come to stay. Over

From the documenta archiv
#11 About the dream of becoming a documenta artist. Lecture by Christian Saehrendt

The documenta archive stores thousands of unsolicited applications. While in 1972 a good 250 artists unsolicitedly and unsuccessfully applied to participate at documenta 5, there were already around 900 at documenta 7 and almost 1,500 at documenta 8.

In the documenta archiv
#6 Auseinandersetzungen – Students of the University of Paderborn doing research in the documenta archiv

"We know that there are too many functions for a single chair to fulfill."

documenta Institute Discourse
#11 Macho Man: Tell It to My Heart. A case study. Lecture by Martin Beck

The lecture presents the creation, implementation and documentation of the exhibition "Macho Man: Tell It to My Heart", poses questions about the identity of collections and analyzes their curatorial and institutional conditions using concrete examples.

From the documenta archiv
#10 How much Bauhaus is in documenta? Seeking traces. Launch of the Virtual Exhibition

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the documenta archiv and the University of Kassel have initiated a joint project that, for the first time, reflects the two institutions Bauhaus and documenta in comparison.

documenta Institute Discourse
#10 Reenactment and Fiction - Critical Curating in the Archive. Lecture by Beatrice von Bismarck

Reenactments of exhibitions have become an increasingly dominant factor within the art world in recent years.

Never been modern? Bauhaus and documenta in true affinity

The symposium deals with the implicit narratives of modernity of Bauhaus and the documenta exhibitions.

documenta Institute Discourse
#9 Does art education exist somewhere between aesthetic experience and social interaction? Lecture by Ruth Noack

The lecture will look back on 25 years of curatorial mediation work within contemporary art and examine its relevance in the here and now.

Guided Tour
Guided Tours to the exhibition "bauhaus | documenta. Vision and Brand"

There are regular guided tours through the exhibition "bauhaus I documenta. Vision und Marke" in the Neue Galerie, Kassel by the documenta archivs team.

"bauhaus | documenta. Vision and Brand"

Neue Galerie, Kassel

Bauhaus and documenta are two globally successful cultural brands that stand for a cosmopolitan, innovative and modern Germany.

Accompanying program to the exhibition "bauhaus | documenta. Vision and Brand"

The exhibition "bauhaus | documenta. Vision and Brand" is accompagnied by some events.

From the documenta archiv
#9 Fritz Winter. documenta artist from the beginning. Lecture by Anna Rühl

The painter Fritz Winter (1905-1976) was present with a body of work at each of the first three documenta exhibitions.

From the documenta archiv
#8 The Eventful Photographic History of Lehmbruck's Die Kniende. Lecture by Kathryn Floyd

Günther Becker’s familiar 1955 photograph of Wilhelm Lehmbruck’s Die Kniende (1911) in the rotunda of the Museum Fridericianum serves as an important record of documenta’s beginnings.

documenta Institute Discourse
#8 Revising Modernity from the Archive. Lecture by Günter Herzog

The system of art has changed decisively since the second half of the 19th century. Innovations by “independent” artists are recognized and supported by newly developed “patrons,” professions, and institutions.

Guided Tour
Guided Tour to the exhibition "Please take off your shoes." - Participatory art at documenta 5

We offer you a guided tour to our exhibition "In the documenta archiv #5 - “Please take off your shoes.” - Participatory art at documenta 5".

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