On the occasion of the nationwide ”Day of the Archives“, the working group “Archives in North Hesse” will be present with a stand at the Kasseler Markthalle on March 7, 2020 from 8 am to 2 pm.

The theme of this year's “Day of the Archives” is: "Communication. From the telegram to the tweet." Various activities are offered around the subject of communication, including a "reading aid for deciphering old manuscripts". Colleagues from the participating archives will help decipher letters, chronicles etc. from their archival collections and will give tips on how to proceed using their resources.

In addition, interested visitors can get to know the individual archives better by participating in a picture puzzle. A presentation of a new archive blog and the archive database ARCINSYS - the archive information system of the Hessian State Archive and other Hessian archives, which can be used to search the holdings of the respective archives - will also be part of the program. Additionally, the Municipal Archive of the city of Kassel is going to offer two guided tours through its storerooms (10 am and 1 pm). Please register for a tour directly at the Municipal Archive Kassel.


The documenta archiv is also going to open its doors from 9 am onwards. You can visit our reading room until 4 pm which will feature a small book shop of the archive’s own publications. At 3 pm, Martin Groh, current acting director, invites everyone to a guided tour through the documenta archiv.


Click here for the blog of the archives of Northern Hesse.