The University of the Trees Lab Kassel invites you to an earth forum on Thursday 03rd of September2020 from 4 till 7 o'clock p.m., meeting point Dock 4 (Corona protection measures are observed).
Please register by mail to (Karsten Winnemuth).

Erdforum (Earth Forum) is a 'social sculpture', a process that combines inner work and outer action. Erdforum creates a social space in which we can meet our visions of the future and experience ourselves as 'agents of change' towards a sustainable and humane future.

Erdforum is an 'instrument of consciousness' and module of the University of the Trees, initiated by artist Shelley Sacks (collaborator of Joseph Beuys and founder of the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Brookes University in Oxford, the world's first social sculpture research institution). Research undertaken within the framework of this alternative, mobile university, and all its modules, processes and actions, is in keeping with Joseph Beuys' recognition that every human being is potentially an artist who can help shape society: as social sculptors we can work with the invisible materials of thought, language and imagination to shape our own lives and social forms that do justice to us as beings of freedom.

Erdforum is a process in which we can use our creative imagination to go beyond a mere exchange of opinions in the form of discussion or debate. For this purpose, two special skills are used: the ability of imagination and the ability of active listening.

An Earth Forum lasts about 3 hours and up to 12 people can participate. Usually it takes place outdoors at different locations.