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The documenta archiv to receive an important donation: The internationally unique performance art archive "Die Schwarze Lade / the Black Kit: Archive for Performance, Action and Intermedia Art" to be presented by documenta artist Boris Nieslony

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Arnold Bode - founder of the documenta archiv. Lecture by Birgit Jooss


Sunday, August, 13, 2017, 4:30 pm


Ort: Elisabethkirche Kassel, Friedrichsplatz 13, 34117 Kassel

© documenta archiv / Nachlass Arnold Bode

Arnold Bode (1900 - 1977), Inventory Number: docA, MS, 10002817

In the 1980ies the documenta archiv took over the curatorial bequest of Arnold Bode (1900-1977), founder of the documenta (1955) and initiator of the documenta archiv (1961). The collection comprises of written documents, concept papers, diaries, photographs, catalogues, official certificates and awards as well as furniture, paintings, drawings, etchings and sketches by Bode himself. All of it offers a foundation to explore the life and work of this visionary whom Kassel owes for the most important exhibition of contemporary art. The lecture depicts aspects of the life and work by Arnold Bode through archival sources especially in regard to the world exhibition documenta.