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A cooperation of the Staatstheater Kassel with the documenta archiv: The Art Lecture on June 1 is dedicated to the German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon (1917 Berlin - 1943 Auschwitz), whose dramatic work "Leben? oder Theater? Ein Singespiel" was shown at documenta (13) in the Fridericianum through selected gouaches.

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From the documenta archiv


In october 2016 the documenta archiv opened up a new series of events entitled "From the documenta archiv".

Researchers and users of the archive will introduce on various subjects in form of lectures, films, concerts, readings and other formats. These are based on image resources and archival material that are kept in the documenta archiv.

The events provide an interesting insight into source-based work and present research and results.



#1 “documenta 1955 — the film that was never made”. A screening by Visus-Vision UG (16.10.2016)


#2 How photography came to documenta. Lecture by Klaus Honnef, Bonn (27.04.2017)


#3 Hans Hillmann "Fliegenpapier". A "comic-concert" with the yam yabasha ensemble, Berlin (5.11.2017)


#4 documenta and its Double: Emy Roeder’s ‘Die Schwangere’. Lecture by Liza Weber, Sussex (8.2.2018)


#5 Outsider Art 1972. Lecture by Thomas Röske, Heidelberg (24.5.2018)


#6 documenta 1968 - A hot summer? Lecture by Tim Pickartz, Paderborn (9.8.2018)


#7 Please take off your shoes! Participation and instruction at the documenta. Lecture by Annemarie Kok, Groningen, Niederlande (8.11.2018)


#8 The Eventful Photographic History of Lehmbruck's Die Kniende. Lecture by Kathryn Floyd, Auburn, USA (14.2.2019)


#9 Fritz Winter. documenta artist of the very first hour. Lecture by Anna Rühl, München (16.5.2019)


#10 How much Bauhaus is in documenta? Launch of the Virtual Exhibition with Martin Groh, Harald Kimpel and Birgit Jooss, Kassel (15.8.2019)


#11 About the dream of becoming a documenta artist ... About the artists' own applications in the documenta archive. Lecture by Christian Saehrendt, Thun, Switzerland (28.11.2019)


#12 Cultures of showing: documenta as a venue for ecological debates. Lecture by Anne-Kathrin Winkler-Hanns, Wolfsburg (06.02.2020)


#13 What if... documenta? Lecture by Andrea Pócsik, Budapest (28.10.2021)


#14 Dislocated Visuality and Memorial Migrancy: documenta X 1997 and Hong Kong now. Lecture by Vennes Cheng, Hongkong (11.11.2021)


#15 The Cold War, the documenta and the GDR. Lecture by Alexia Pooth, Berlin (09.12.2021)