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On June 1, the Art Lecture "Proposal List #2" took place in the Rotunda of the Fridericianum. The focus of the cooperation with the Staatstheater Kassel was the 1940-41 work "Leben? oder Theater? Ein Singespiel" by the German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon.

Ilya Kabakov, the visionary pioneer of "total installation," has passed away at the age of 89. At documenta IX (1992) he surprised visitors with an unusual contribution: "The Toilet" in the courtyard of the Fridericianum.

On May 26 the curatorially redesigned exhibition display on documenta fifteen will be reopened. We are especially pleased that we could win the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi to design a wall especially for the new space.

A special addition to the documenta archiv: Heinz Günter Mebusch's "Journey to Planet Ars": Through the purchase of an edition of 235 prints, it has now become possible to further expand the Mebusch collection in the documenta archiv.

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Video Art

"Fairytale" (2007) by Ai Weiwei, Part 1

"Kleine Ereignisse [Small Events]" (1987) by Roman Signer

"Abschlussaktion [Final Action]" (1987) by Roman Signer

"Why Are You Angry?" (2017) by Rosalind Nashashibi & Lucy Skaer

Exhibition Documentary

Trailer: "documenta 1955 – der Film, der nie gedreht wurde" (2016) by Visus-Film

"In 1955, Kassel art professor and designer Arnold Bode realizes his great dream: an overview exhibition on the development of European art in the 20th century.
The setting is the provisionally repaired World War II ruins of the Museum Fridericianum on Friedrichsplatz." (Excerpt from the film commentary by Dr. Harald Kimpel)


Until today, no film recordings of this exhibition exist. Visus-Vision UG created the present film documentation on the basis of historical film recordings of the documenta archives and the German Documentation Center for Art History - Bildarchiv Foto Marburg. The realization of the individual film scenes took place with the innovative self-developed software VISUS.


The film has a running time of 108 min. and can be purchased from the documenta archiv: Further information

Weitere Informationen

"Motivation" (1964) by Wolfgang Claus

"Joseph Beuys' documenta work. A video documentation" by Pia Witzmann & Peter Bräutigam

Press video of the documenta 13 by Ben Brix


Piano concert by Frederic Rzewski for documenta 14 in the Staatstheater Kassel (08.09.2017), Part 1

Public Program

"The Strategy of Joy: Introduction" (08.09.2017) by Paul B. Preciado

"The Strategy of Joy - Strategy of Wildness" (09.09.2017) by Jack Halberstam


"Performance, Pragmatically: Truth Claims in Exhibition Practice" (24.11.2018) by Jonah Westerman