Motivation and inspiration is crucial in these critical times for all of us. documenta has been motivating and inspiring for over half a century, and we all remain actively committed to it. documenta is all of us, at all times and in all places!

In this spirit the documenta archiv is introducing a collection of films and videos from the programs of past documenta exhibitions and contributions within the realm of contemporary artistic production of the 20th and 21st century.

The COMMON(S) is the objective of decades-long documenta practice – begun by Arnold Bode and continued today by ruangrupa. In the d-movies series, the theme of COMMON(S) is illuminated with film contributions from various documenta perspectives and offered via online streaming.

There always have been critical times in many different places in this world. But the current time is special: we are experiencing in all areas of life that we are no longer in different places – we are all in one place: joint in crisis, joint in this world - joint in documenta!