A gigantic exhibition such as documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens, which also featured an unusually high number of performances and workshops, also places high demands on the art documentation. This seems more important than ever in view of the enormous density of the documenta 14's programme, which led many observers to the conclusion early on that reception would only be able to begin after the exhibition. The fact that "fleeting" art, such as performances in particular, was so strongly represented at last year's documenta 14 led to a particular interest in video documentation.


With the consent of the artists and in good cooperation with them, the media collection of the documenta archive, together with students of the art academy, was able to realize a comprehensive documentation of documenta 14 in Kassel. The collection includes video material from 60 days of filming and is part of the extensive audiovisual documentation of documenta 14, which can be requested from the media collection.


Project Management: Alexander Zeisberg


Contributers: Ariane Burow, Lisa Dreykluft, Michel Esselbrügge, Michael Gärtner, Simon Scherer, Milan Soremski and Robin Vehrs


Film Authors: Michael Gärtner und Milan Soremski