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The artist, curator, philosopher, media theorist and long-time director of the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe died on 1 March a few days before his 79th birthday. He was featured at documenta 6 in 1977 with a selection of early video and television works. Twenty years later, as part of documenta X (1997), he was one of the speakers at the legendary "100 Days 100 Guests" event series in the documenta Halle.


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4th European Day of Restoration


For the fourth year in a row, the European Association of Conservators (E.C.C.O.) is organizing the Restoration Day and the documenta archiv is participating with three contributions.


Among the contributions are videos with insights into the restoration work as well as a lecture, which additionally illuminates the art-historical framework of the restoration work. All works are directly related to the Harry-Kramer-Archiv and were produced as part of an internship during their studies.



Further information about the events under:


© Verband der Restauratoren, Foto: Oliver Tjaden, Gestaltung: Fritjof Wild

Poster motiv for the event 2021

Harry Kramer in Kassel - How a papier-mâché bust found its stand again



A paper-mâché bust, which was sculptured as a part of the documenta 5, suffered water-damage due to a broken pipe. It is now being restored by a paper-conservation student during her internship. The conservation team of the documenta archiv captured the most important steps of the process in a short video.



Harry Kramer in Kassel - How a Watering Can Mould Makes Photos Readable

Video Contribution


The documenta archive also houses the estate of the Kassel artist, university professor and hairdresser Harry Kramer. His estate was given to the city of Kassel and subsequently to the archive in the form of a walk-in studio situation distributed over two rooms. Many years later, his widow Helga Kramer donated a further collection to the archive, which moved into the depot in 2018. During cleaning and appraisal, a box was separated because of the suspicion of mould. The following short film shows what happened afterwards.



Harry Kramer in Kassel - Working with papier mâché in the studio of Harry Kramer



During his time as a professor at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Harry Kramer proved again that he would not rely on a singular art medium. In coorperation with his class, the so-called „Atelier Kramer“, he experimented with different materials, such as the rather less noticed papier-mâché. In the following presentation the restoration team of  the documenta archiv presents the artistical estate of Harry Kramer as well as different papier-mâché objects and the restoration of a bust from the project Panoptikum.