The contemporary witness project "My documenta" was launched in 2013 in cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk, Freie Radio Kassel and Offener Kanal Kassel.


Kassel citizens, local actors and visitors, especially to the early documenta exhibitions, gave interviews that focused on their individual experiences, insights and memories. The result was 10 interviews, 7 of which are available online.

The recordings usually took place in the studio of Offener Kanal Kassel. They were broadcast both on the Free Radio programme and on Offener Kanal Kassel.


The participants in the talks include:

Volker Schäfer
Chairman of the "7000 Eichen" Foundation, 2nd Chairman documenta forum

Rhea Thönges-Stringaris
Art historian and archaeologist, member of the board of trustees of the "7000 Eichen" Foundation

Gesa Esterer
Author and journalist

Horst Hoheisel
Artist, creator of the Ash Scrap Fountain (1987) in front of Kassel City Hall

Dirk Schwarze
Journalist and art critic

Rosadora G. Trümper-Tuschik

Evelyn Lehmann
Museum educator, initiator of the "Kinder documenta" of documenta 7 (1982)