For more than 50 years, the Kassel documenta forum has supported cultural initiatives related to the documenta. Exemplary are the collection of donations for the preservation of Horst H. Baumann's "Laserscape" and the promotion of acquisitions, mediation and cataloging projects at the documenta archiv, most recently for Dieter Schwerdtle.

Like the documenta archiv, which was founded in 1961, the idea of the documenta forum also goes back to Arnold Bode. As the initiator of the non-profit association, he was one of the co-signatories of the founding statutes of June 16, 1972 and subsequently acted as the first chairman.

Dr. Ela Spornitz, who worked closely with Harald Szeemann in the exhibition secretariat during documenta 5 (1972), was also one of the founding members. From 1973 to 1977, she was director of the documenta archiv. Under her direction, the documenta archiv became a department of the Cultural Office of the City of Kassel.

A few weeks ago, board members Volker Schäfer and Horst Schween presented the documenta archiv with a valuable donation from the founding phase of the documenta forum: A convolute of files with comprehensive records and correspondence on the founding of the association in the 1970s, which provides nuanced insights into the organization, the civic engagement of the early years and the early intertwined history of documenta, documenta forum and documenta archiv.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Board of the Foundation 7000 Oaks, Volker Schäfer presented the documenta archiv with a valuable collection of material from the early years of the initiative, including original documents by Joseph Beuys.