Three international scholarship holders from the Goethe-Institut will be visiting Kassel for the third time this year. The scholarship is aimed at scholars, artists and curators from all over the world. Since June, the documenta archive team has been strengthened by Claudia Cendales Paredes from Bogotá and Rahul Dev Prasad from New Delhi, whom we would like to introduce briefly:

Claudia Cendales Paredes holds a doctorate in art history (TU Berlin). In Bogotá she works as a lecturer and is involved in various cultural projects.

Her research project at the documenta archiv deals with the participation of Latin American artists in the documenta exhibitions between 1959 and 1997: How can their marginal representation be explained? And what was the relationship of the artists from South and Central America presented to the curatorial discourses and debates of the respective documenta? Her study with the working title "Europeans, Hybrids or Exotics?" aims at a more differentiated view of the documenta in the globalized, international art scene.

Rahul Dev Prasad teaches art history at the National Museum Institute in Delhi (NCR), India. His dissertation (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi) deals with the reception of German Expressionism in modern Indian art.

In the documenta archiv, he is researching on "The Shifting Boundaries of documenta and the Manifestation of 'Global Postcolonial Art' (1997- 2002)." Using the tenth and eleventh editions of documenta as an example, he focuses on decolonial movements in the art field and contemporary practices of multicultural art. Does the documenta play a decisive role in the dissemination of postcolonial ideas and decolonial thinking in art?


Welcome to Kassel!