A creative image factory within the documenta archiv: our newly founded "Documentation & Production" department was in constant motion throughout the duration of documenta fifteen. Coordinated by Michael Gärtner and Barbara Kiolbassa, the cameras, microphones and tripods rarely stood still. As the main videographers, Fritz Eggenwirth, Milan Soremski and David von der Stein as well as the audiographer Sebastian Jurchen were almost permanently on the move in the urban space. This resulted in numerous exhibition videos, recordings of the public programme and filmic documentations of the atmospheric (side) events. They were supported by Silke Körber, Young Kyun Kim, Mahya Ketabchi, Linus Kaufhold, Oliver-Selim Boualam, Karoline Achilles and Maximilian Preuss.   

The video and audio documentations can be viewed on the documenta fifteen YouTube channel.