The Düsseldorf conceptual artist Mischa Kuball is donating five large-format works from his series research_desk_nolde/critique/documenta (2021) to the documenta archiv. The picture panels were ceremoniously presented at the documenta archiv on April 8. They reflect Kuball's intensive examination of the artistic personality Emil Nolde in the mirror of the documenta in Kassel.


In December 2022, the exhibition "nolde/criticism/documenta - a project of the documenta archiv, the Draiflessen Collection, the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll and Mischa Kuball" will open in the rooms of the Kasseler Kunstverein in the Fridericianum, accompanied by lecture and discussion formats. The show focuses on the pictorial worlds of the three-time documenta participant and his historically fractured perception, which is rooted in Nolde's ambivalent role during the Nazi era.


The donation enriches the art and object collection of the documenta archiv with an important work complex of artistic research practice developed on archive material and raises the profile of the portfolio of documenta and Museum Fridericianum gGmbH.