Etel Adnan, born 1925 in Beirut, was a writer, playwright, poet, and artist. In 1949 she went to Paris, six years later she moved to California for her philosophy studies at the University of California at Berkley. She taught humanities and philosophy at Dominican University of California at San Rafael. Shaped by the experience of exile and trauma, she worked across language barriers and continents; she participated in the cultural discourses of the Middle East for many years with a distinctive voice. Her experiences became part of her art and shaped it on paper and canvas.


She was represented at dOCUMENTA(13) with several of her works and participated in various projects such as the publication series "100 Notes - 100 Thoughts" as well as a conversation series, book presentations and the Black Box ("Poetry Readings in the Open Channel Café"). Her exhibited and treated works dealt with her strong bond with nature, specifically Mount Tamalpaïa, which she describes as a companion in her notebook "The Price of Love We Do Not Want to Pay". She received several awards for her literary work. Etel Adnan passed away in Paris at the age of 96.


Our sincere condolences go to all her friends and companions.


In deepest sympathy

The documenta team