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The documenta archiv is an institution for the preservation, documentation and scientific research of text and image based resources on modern and contemporary art.

Untere Karlsstr. 4, 34117 Kassel
+49 56170727-3100
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In her illustrated lecture Liza Weber will test the well-worn hypothesis of the first documenta exhibition of 1955 as a rehabilitation of modern art once deemed “degenerate” under the National Socialist regime.

The documenta archiv presents photographs by Bernd Schlake in a small cabinet exhibition at its art library. The images were taken during the 100 days of document 14 in Kassel.

“Documenta Institute Discourse” invites to think together with international speakers about archives, research and education. This can lead to imaginations about unexpected functions, strategies, and ways of acting for archives, research and education institutions.


In February 2017, the documenta archiv received a particularly special gift: 38 posters by graphic artist and designer Karl Oskar Blase (1925-2016). They were donated to the archive by a long-time employee of Blase’s at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

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