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The documenta archiv is a scientific research institution. Entrusted materials such as archival and library holdings are secured according to recommended standards.

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At the 5th documenta in 1972, Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) set up an "Office for Direct Democracy by Referendum". Five years later, during documenta 6, he held an international forum at the Museum Fridericianum that included discussions, workshops and various artistic activities touching upon socially, politically and culturally relevant topics.

The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Archive in Nordhessen" organizes a week-long comprehensive program on the subject of "Democracy and civil rights". To mark the nationwide "Day of the Archives", eleven archives - including the documenta archiv - will  take part in providing information on exhibitions, films, presentations and guided tours.

Museums, libraries and archives with the task to preserve cultural heritage are bound to a democratic educational mission. Due to the legal framework conditions, this mission can only be pursued to a very limited extent within the digital space.

With the establishment of a new reading room for all three departments – records and papers; media collections and art library – the visitors of the documenta archiv will get the opportunity to stay longer to carry out their research.

The media collection of the documenta archives, together with students of the art academy, was able to realize a properly comprehensive documentation of documenta 14 in Kassel. For good reasons, a documentation project such as this must be carefully planned and strive to achieve maximum objectivity, necessary distance and formal rigor.

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