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The holdings of the documenta archiv echo central aspects of the history of the documenta, reflecting upon art, history, society and politics.

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At the 5th documenta in 1972, Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) set up an "Office for Direct Democracy by Referendum". Five years later, during documenta 6, he held an international forum at the Museum Fridericianum.

Wir suchen zum frühestmöglichen Termin eine/n Diplom-Bibliothekar/in bzw. Bachelor Bibliotheks- und Informationsmanagement.

Museums, libraries and archives with the task to preserve cultural heritage are bound to a democratic educational mission. Due to the legal framework conditions, this mission can only be pursued to a very limited extent within the digital space.

In August 2017, a donation of seven drawings dated from 1956 to 1968 enhanced the personal papers of Arnold Bode held at the documenta archiv. Initially they originated from the part of Arnold Bode’s person papers that was in possession of his wife, and after that were part of a private collection for a long time.

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