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The documenta archiv was founded in 1961 and consists of comprehensive records of the documenta exhibitions. A scientific research library, extensive press, image and audiovisual collections form part of its holdings. Personal papers complete our collection.

Untere Karlsstr. 4, 34117 Kassel
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Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, Chaoyang District, South Street

The documenta archiv is the main lender for a large exhibition on the history of the documenta showing almost 600 objects in an exhibition space of 1500 square meters.

Museum for Sepulchral Culture, Weinbergstrasse 25-27, Kassel

In cooperation with the documenta archiv, the Museum for Sepulchral Culture honors the 20th anniversary of the death of Harry Kramer with a cabinet exhibition.

Goethe Institute, Athens

documenta 14 will take place in Athens from April 8 to July 16, 2017. On this occasion, the Goethe Institut will invites the public of Athens to take a look at documenta with its history of over 60 years.

The documenta archiv gets a new image with a web presence, logo, and -custom typography developed by the Stuttgart Design Agency L2M3.

Year after year, finding birthday presents for loved one proves to be quite difficult. There are many things that the recipient already has, vouchers are too impersonal, and the obligatory flowers and a book was already given last year.

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