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Images documenta and documenta archiv

We kindly provide you with one image free of charge for each documenta exhibition and its artistic directors. You can also download images of the documenta archiv and our logo on this page. The documenta archiv explicitly requires a photo credit in the following form: © documenta archiv / Photographer. If there are rights to clear with the artist, you may need to get in touch with those third parties. Please send a copy of the photographic material as used unrequested and free of charge to documenta archiv, Untere Karlsstr. 4, 34117 Kassel.


The images provided here are available free of charge exclusively in connection with the current reporting on this content. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in the context of this use, our mention must also be made as follows: documenta archiv, Kassel.

documenta exhibitions

Download zip-folder images documenta 1, documenta 2, documenta 3

Download zip-folder images documenta 4, documenta 5, documenta 6

Download zip-folder images documenta 7, documenta 8, documenta 9

Download zip-folder images documenta 10, documenta 11, documenta 12, documenta 13

Artistic Directors

Download zip-folder images artistic directors documenta 1 - documenta 8

Download zip-folder images artistic directors documenta 9 - documenta 11

Download zip-folder images artistic directors documenta 12 - documenta 14

documenta archiv

© documenta archiv / Anita Back

Anita Back, Boxes in the Record and Papers Department , 2017, Inv.Nr.:10001000

© documenta archiv/Anita Back

Anita Back, Slides in the Media Collection, 2017, Inv.Nr.:10001001

© documenta archiv/Anita Back

Anita Back, documenta literature in the Art Library, 2017, Inv.Nr.:10001002

© documenta archiv/Anita Back

Anita Back, Folder in the Press Collection, 2017, Inv.Nr.:10001003

© documenta archiv/Anja Köhne

Anja Köhne, Reading Room, 2018, Inv.Nr.: 10001005

Download zip-folder images documenta archiv

Download zip-​folder logo documenta archiv