Arnold Bode loved to depict his thoughts in graphic presentations. In doing so, he tried to capture his sparkling, never-ending flood of ideas in vivid concepts. These showed relationships, with colored background and provided with many connecting lines, arrows, numbers and sometimes colored dots. In his sweeping, difficult to read handwriting, he recorded positions that were to make the structure a convincing construct. Persons, tasks, organizational units as well as the assignment of tasks are related to each other.


The files for the third documenta contain an undated organization chart that presents Bode's ideas from 1964 and reveals the rather complicated network of documenta. He tried to create structure through framed boxes and three colored pencils - red, yellow and green. It is striking how centrally Bode saw his own person - in addition to art historian Werner Haftmann and Lord Mayor Lauritz Lauritzen, the three of whom took over the "overall management of the presidium".


The organization’s headquarters, the "Exhibition Management Bode" with the Hanging Commission, is highlighted in red. To the right below the secretariat headed by Bode, which is surprisingly emphasized even more by its size, framing, a deeper red and the underlining of the word. The term "independent" is underneath.


The right side of the page is dominated by the color green and shows the political-administrative committees: the "Society documenta" with the State of Hesse, the City of Kassel and an annex group, the "Supervisory Board" chaired by Lauritzen, the "Management Administration" and the "Working Session". In a box above the exhibition management, the "documenta Council" chaired by Bode is clearly highlighted by a bright, energetically framed yellow and its central position.


On the left side, crosshatched in several colors, are the "Board of Trustees of d III", the "Archive" and the five "Working Committees" headed by Haftmann. Interestingly, Erich Herzog, head of the State Art Collections since 1962, is intended for the archive director, not Haftmann, whom Bode actually wanted to install at this post. The words "Party", "Board of Advertising", "Publisher", "Press" and "Magazine Advertisement" in the lower left corner, which are connected to the secretariat by an arrow, make it clear that Bode thought of all facets of the organization.


Birgit Jooss